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and so we add another to the page...
this one a bit smaller, greener, and
soon a little meaner some might say.
for now, those who've seen it know,
those who haven't, just wont
understand...had it since last summer,
it's a great summer car. not too much
fun in the winter tho... oh well. it's
getting worked on right now for a
broken exhaust pipe...and getting
modded instead of returning to
OEM's gonna be a little
mean green machine...

stock del sol specs

-1995 honda del sol VTEC
-1.6 liter 4 cylinder DOHC
-160hp @ 7600rpm
-111ft/lb @ 7000rpm
-redline 8200rpm
-compression 10.2:1

del sol mods

-AEM intake
-bullfrog throttle body
-neuspeed N2 ceramic header
-dynomax catalytic converter
-greddy sp catback exhaust