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well... i got this car on 12.27.99
just in time for beatiful snowstorms.
i haven't done much too it yet,
it takes too much money to do
that stuff. the person that had
this before me had toyo proxes
fz4 205/55/15 put on. they're not
too great in winter, or really rainy
days, but on smooth dry pavement,
they stick better than...i don't know,
better than something i'm sure.
there was also a pioneer 6-disc
changer installed in the trunk,
what a pain that is. all this great
stuff, with a whistler alarm

i even have pics to show off with

stock lude specs

-1995 honda prelude VTEC
-2.2 liter 4 cylinder DOHC
-190hp @ 6800rpm
-158ft/lb @ 5800rpm
-redline 7400rpm
-compression 10.0:1


- 02.10.00 - RS*R catback half-stainless exhaust with 70 degree tip arrives.

- 02.11.00 - RS*R installed. Powerslot rotors installed in front, with Auto Specialties
pads. The exhaust is gorgeous. It has a great sound, especially when you get into
VTEC range... just a mean growl. Well... as mean as you can get for a four cylinder.
But the one great thing, is that this is the quietest exhaust on the market, as long as
you are just cruising at a low RPM.

The rotors. Well, they are much better, but this is coming from very warped stock
rotors. They do have good stopping power though. I've been on the drag strip with
them a few times now, they do fade a little, but not too much. They also don't dust
very much at all.

- 04.19.00 - PIAA 9005 hyperwhite bulbs installed. Absolutely fabulous. I didn't want
those blue bulbs for headlights, just something a little whiter, and these did the trick.
They cost a little more than the other ones, but the money is well spent.

- 07.07.00
- "Altezza" style tail lights intalled. The tail lights look great. But I'm still not
sure if I really want them on my car.

- 07.25.00 - New front Toyo Proxes FZ4's intalled. Also had an allignment done.
This fixed my shaking steering wheel problem.

- 03.11.01 - Type-S intake installed. I still have yet to pull out the resonator and all the
other stuff that Honda put in the bumper, but the intake looks good. It's so mucg larger
than the stock one (well, it is stock on the type-S), but still has a very sleeper-style
design to it. I just need to get a higher flow filter, and some time so I can get that
resonator out.